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A Loan for Evidence – Is this Product Really There?


Very often we could hear about the loan as proof. However, by choosing a particular bank outlet, it turned out that it is not so easy. In addition to the fact that you had to prove your ID card, thus certifying that you are an adult and you live in Poland, you also had to fulfill a whole range of different conditions. These included, among others, having the appropriate creditworthiness or lack of bad history in the Credit Information Bureau. Without this, the credit application was rejected.

A loan for evidence, an alternative to loans

A loan for evidence, an alternative to loans

If we are going to walk from the bank to the bank for free, knowing that we will not get a loan anyway, then it will be definitely better if we start to take interest in the loan as evidence. It is a financial product offered by non-bank institutions. They are referred to as short-time sentences, because in fact they are granted “for a moment”. Most often, you can take them from PLN 100 to PLN 3,000 for a period of 30 days. Although there are even payday loans for 7 or 15 days.

Loans for evidence are provided at a home visit, directly at the branch, or more and more often via the Internet. And that’s what the most people use the last option. Why? Because it retains total anonymity. Neighbors will not find out that we have a representative of a loan company in our house. In addition, everything goes much faster and more efficiently. All you have to do is add a scan of your ID to the appropriate form as an attachment.

What loan is the best for proof?

What loan is the best for proof?

We have a choice of at least a dozen companies offering a financial product, which is just a loan granted as an ID card. If up to now we are wondering which company is the cheapest and generally has the best offer, it is worth choosing to update the updated financial comparison with online loans. In this way, you can explain the very details of the offer. Of course, under no circumstances, this does not absolve us from reading the contract, which we must sign or accept if we send the application via the Internet.

Income Assimilated To Wages According To the LISR

It not only includes the income obtained by certain employees for the provision of their services, but also the remunerations, returns, advances, fees, etc.

Chapter I of title IV of the LISR considers as income to the provision of a subordinated personal service, the salaries and other benefits that derive from an employment relationship , including the participation of the workers in the profits of the companies and the benefits perceived as consequence of the termination of the employment relationship.

Article 94 of the LISR considers that they are assimilated to salaries :

Article 94 of the LISR considers that they are assimilated to salaries :

I. The remunerations and other benefits obtained by the officials and workers of the Federation, the federated entities and the municipalities, even when it is for expenses not subject to verification, as well as those obtained by the members of the armed forces.

II. The yields and advances received by the members of the cooperative production companies, as well as the advances received by the members of civil societies and associations.

III. Fees for members of boards of directors, supervisory boards, consultants or any other type, as well as fees to administrators, commissioners and general managers.

IV. The fees to persons who provide services predominantly to a borrower, provided that they are carried out in the facilities of the latter.

For the purposes of section IV, it is understood that a person provides services predominantly to a borrower when the income that had been received from said borrower, in the immediately preceding calendar year, represents more than 50% of the total income for the benefit of a professional service and the remunerations that derive from an independent personal service.

Before the first payment of fees is made in the calendar year in question, the persons subject to fraction IV must communicate in writing to the borrower, in whose facilities the provision of the service is made, if the income obtained from them said borrower in the immediately preceding year exceeded 50% of the total of those received in said calendar year for the concepts of income for the provision of a professional service and the remunerations that derive from an independent personal service. In the event that such communication is omitted, the borrower will be obliged to make the corresponding withholdings.

V. The fees received by natural persons from legal persons or from individuals with business activities to which they provide independent personal services, when they communicate in writing to the borrower that they choose to pay the tax in the terms of assimilated to salaries.

SAW. The income received by natural persons from legal persons or from individuals with business activities, for the business activities they carry out, when they communicate in writing to the person making the payment who choose to pay the tax in the terms of assimilated to salaries.

VII. The income obtained by individuals by exercising the option granted by the employer, or a related party, to acquire, even through subscription, shares or securities representing assets, at no cost or at a price less than or equal to market that have said shares or securities at the time of exercise of the option, regardless of whether the shares or securities are issued by the employer or the related party.

The payment of the tax referred to in this article must be made through the retention made by the aforementioned legal entities.


The LISR considers the figure of assimilated to salaries and in its different assumptions is established whether it is an option or an obligation ; in case the assumption in which our fiscal situation falls is of option, we must value the alternatives; but if it is an obligation, the provisions of the provision must be observed to avoid fines.



Does Income From Pensions Pay?




Now that it is common to talk about Afores, pensions, voluntary contributions and everything that revolves around the resources that will be available for the future, this column comes as a finger ring because it is the issue we will address.

The pension is nothing more than the money that has been saved through our working life in a sub-account managed by something called “Administrator of Retirement Funds (AFORE)” , which we have already touched in other columns to delimit how is that contribution made?

However, there is doubt as to whether the contribution, voluntary savings or our “monthly payment” at the end of working life will have some implication of a fiscal nature , or if today for any known or one of our clients has any involvement .

In that sense we can speak of two affectations that we must take into consideration:

In that sense we can speak of two affectations that we must take into consideration:

a) Are the income from pensions exempt from Income Tax (ISR)? The answer is “NO”, as in accordance with section IV of article 93 of the ISR Law “retirement benefits, pensions, retirement benefits, as well as life annuities or other forms of retirement, from the insurance sub-account of Retirement or retirement sub-account, unemployment in old age and old age, provided in the Social Security Law, as well as those from the individual account of the retirement savings system provided for in the Law of the Institute of Social Security and Services Workers of the State, in cases of disability, disability, unemployment, old age, retirement and death, whose daily amount does not exceed fifteen times the general minimum wage of the taxpayer’s geographical area, and the benefit provided for in the Universal Pension Act, if they generate a surplus the tax will be paid … “

This is nothing more than multiplying the value of the UMA (it is no longer SMG) $ 80.60 for 15 times a year , which gives a limit of $ 36,270 pesos , so anyone with an income above this limit must pay on the corresponding surplus .

b) What happens if I exceed the $ 400,000 pesos dictated by the Income Tax Law? Do I have to file an annual return? In case of overcoming that strip, we actually have two options:

to. Make our declaration with the format already preloaded.
b. Choose not to submit it within the time allowed by law, because in both cases you have the same benefits for the “authorized deductions”, likewise, if you do not exceed the limit of $ 400 thousand pesos it is not necessary to present the declaration.

According to a study published in 2017, only 30% of the population will be entitled to a pension due to the following conditions:

a) Years of contribution
b) Level of savings
c) Level of contribution
d) Commissions
e) Fees on pensions

Therefore, it is important to take into account all the implications that pensions have not only for the future, but for the present and throughout our working life.


Consumer Loans With Low Income – 2 Small Loans and 1 Loan Intermediary

You may have tried to seek consumer loans to fund anything you want but may have been rejected because you have too low income. There are some consumer loans that can fit perfectly. With the consumer loans listed on this page you can only borrow up to NOK 30,000. Maybe that’s enough? Either way, it is precisely that they have the low limit of the loan which means they do not need to set strict requirements for personal income. You can get these consumer loans even with a very low income. fleshes this out

3 consumer loans you can get with low income

Zaloan – Loans from 1,000 to 30,000 kroner

Zaloan is a bank that operates in many countries, and now also in Norway. They offer all new customers an interest-free loan for up to 30 days. You must be at least 20 years old.

Interest rate example: Effective interest rate 258.02%, 15,000 repaid over 12 months in equal amounts, Cost SEK 8.401.62.

Flakia Microloan – Loans from 2,000 to 20,000 kroner

Flakia Microloan - Loans from 2,000 to 20,000 kroner

You can see a detailed overview of how much a loan from Flakia costs you with the establishment fee, billing fees, and interest on different loan amounts and repayment time on their websites. The interest rates and fees you see there are the actual costs of a loan from Flakia, as opposed to most other banks offering individual interest rates based on how good your economy is.

Interest rate example: Effective interest rate: 165% at SEK 10,000 / 6 months, Establishment fee: SEK 350. Total: SEK 13,116.

Loan Butler Loan broker – Loans from NOK 5,000

Loan Butler Loan broker - Loans from NOK 5,000

If you have an income of over 120,000 gross a year and want to borrow up to NOK 50,000, you can check out a loan broker. These send your loan application to several banks simultaneously with one and the same application. You then get the potential offer for many consumer loans and you can choose it with the best terms such as interest, loan amount and establishment fee.

You can use Loan Butler for loans from NOK 5,000 and up to NOK 500,000. Your application will be sent to 16 banks. You can then compare the completely non-binding loan offers when you receive these.

Loans for the Unemployed – is it Possible?

It is not easy to be unemployed – life will not stop your pace just because someone is out of work. Bills, current expenses, and even worse: also unexpected … Are there loans for the unemployed, to help them sometimes?

From the article you will learn:

  • How to save money wisely?
  • How to find loans for the unemployed?
  • Under which conditions are the loans for the unemployed issued?

Saving is not only for those who have something to save on. You can even find extra money even in your own refrigerator! And if she also refuses to obey? Relax, we have it too!

Unemployment and expenses

Unemployment and expenses

Permanent expenses are unavoidable: fees associated with rent, water bills, electricity, gas, telephone, internet, necessary shopping … And they do not disappear when you lose your job! So how to deal with such a difficult situation? Of course, you can not reduce your monthly expenses to zero, even if you really want to. You can use a few tricks for this, which – if they get into the habit – can be a great way to save for the future!

Saving and tightening the belt

Saving and tightening the belt

Let’s start with the fact that saving does not always mean the same thing as tightening the belt. Indeed, in a situation when unemployment looks into the windows and looks at what can take away from us, probably actually reducing expenses will mean some inconvenience and resignation from some of the previous pleasures, but it’s only temporary – after all, there will be another job that will provide money for life!

Where to look for savings?

Where to look for savings?

It may seem trivial, but first of all it needs to be reorganized… a way to buy food! It will be time-consuming, but it will certainly pay off. First of all, you should look honestly and check which of the usually purchased products can be replaced with similar, less expensive ones. Of course, this does not mean that you should switch from healthy food to unhealthy equivalents! But you can certainly temporarily settle for a carrot and an apple, which will be self-starting for the salad, instead of buying the finished product conveniently, right? Such small changes can relieve the wallet in difficult times. The same applies to, for example, bottled water. In most areas of Poland, healthy and not less than many bottles are ordinary tap water, which also contains minerals. So if there are no health problems against it, it certainly will not hurt to temporarily abandon the water sold in either non-ecological plastic bottles and replace it with tap water.

Economics with ecology in your home

Economics with ecology in your home

Everyone would like to pay the lowest possible bills for electricity and other utilities. And you can achieve this goal in simple ways. Replacing LED lighting is, of course, something that we’ve probably all done (and if not, it’s time to catch up with civilization!), But the usual everyday habits are also able to help our finances and … environment. Reducing water, electricity or gas consumption will have a positive impact not only on expenses! For example, a character is great under a hot stream of water, but you can as well give yourself this pleasure and take quick, refreshing showers. Instead of watching TV in full light, you can do it with one light bulb. There is also no need to heat the flat with a full pair of radiators if there is no spirited frost behind the walls, reaching a dozen or so lines below zero. Twisting the radiators and regular, short airing of the rooms can work wonders – and it is very healthy!

And sudden expenses…?

Loans for the unemployed - is it possible?

However, not everything can be planned: let the refrigerator fall into an angry world or the car breaks down. Where to get money, if we do not have enough savings, and we know that there is no expectation of a payment in the near future? Then loan companies come in – and it’s not a grim joke!

Loans for the unemployed

Loans for the unemployed

Loans for the unemployed are possible! Not every company requires documents from the workplace, or even a certificate of regular income. This is good news for those who are really in an emergency just when they are out of work! It’s worth taking a look around the offers that are on the Internet, read the terms and choose the most convenient option for yourself!

Installment loans in Calepo

Installment loans in Monedo

One of such friendly offers is Calepo loan installment . All you need to do is go to the company’s website and send the application. No additional documents are needed; all you need is a PESEL number, telephone number, ID card number and bank account, to which the loan will be transferred. You can apply for amounts from PLN 1,500 up to PLN 10,000! And what’s most interesting, the amount of installments can be determined by yourself, so that the lender does not dictate monthly repayments, but our own possibilities. PLN 2,000 loan to be repaid at PLN 100 per month? Please!

So if life played a trick and when you are out of work you need money immediately, an online loan in Calepo may be quite a good solution!

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