Photography is all about having a camera and an eye. Learning photography is more than an art. The art is to first learn and then practice. However, photography is all about practicing more and more to eventually learn it. We are sharing some of the tips and skills you should learn with the intention to get better in photography.

Shoot Everyday
For being improved in any craft, you should practice it more and more. The more you practice, the better you get at it. The best camera one can have is the camera in their hands. There is no rigid rule of having the full kit of DSLR. Rather, you can employ your smart phone’s camera as well. Photography is just photography, take shots with any camera to get experienced in it.

Read Your Camera Manual
One of the paramount skills to be improved in photography is to learn your camera manual more often than not. By reading the manual, you are actually learning the use of your camera, which is going to make you capable of taking innumerable attractive shots. Spend your leisure time while reading it. It will help you in the field. In the present days, most of the manuals are available electronically as well. Have such manuals in your cell phone for your ease.

Change Angles/Perspectives
Most of the people are accustomed to seeing the world at the level of eyes. So, they take photos at their eye level normally. If you want to be innovative and versatile in photography then change your angles and perspectives of looking at the objects. Take shots from your knee’s level or from the level of the high ground. Such experiences will surely take your photography to the next level. For the better understanding it, it is advised to see the documentary covering the working of the documentary photographer. You will be amazed to see how many pajamas they have to wear because they are going to take numerous knee-level shots.

Know Your Equipment’s Exposure Modes
Many a photographer will recommend you to carry out manual photography if you want to be a good photographer. It is appreciable if you do not need other auto-photography modes on account of getting hands on manual photography. However, you are advised to take the benefit of auto modes as well. Sometimes, they work better than the manual works because of having certain themes according to your subject.

Use the Histogram
The histogram is the graph that tells you about the exposure and brightness accurately. Most people are found to ignore it normally. You are advised to take the full advantage from it. Your camera screen can mislead you depending on the outside luminance conditions. Learning how to read the histogram can make your shots the great ones.

Learn the Rule-of-third
Your screen is distributed in the three parallel horizontal and vertical lines. You should learn the object’s placement along these lines by practicing more and more. For instance, the shot becomes more attractive if the horizon is covered two-third of the shot behind your object. You can become skilled at it by giving it frequent practice.