Taboos subsist almost around every culture. In each culture, there are limitations and bounds to the actions and behaviors, which are regarded to be offensive, insensitive, or unlucky. Many people consider traveling as one of the most worthy experience to explore different cultures. Therefore, to reach out to the best of distinct local cultures, people often travel. One of the intervening ways in which one can pass the boundaries across taboos is via the means of photography. However, different cultures have different taboos related to photography as well. In the following, we are going to discuss a few of the surprising ones.

Photography Taboos in Asia
In Asia, interestingly and surprisingly, the photograph capturing three people is regarded as the unfortunate one. The belief says that the middle person in the photograph will be soon passed away. Such belief is believed to have its origin in the roots of the cultures in which number 3 is considered as an unfortunate number. Nevertheless, in contrary to this taboo, the group of Cantonese dialect thinks of number 3 to be the fortunate numeral as according to them, this digit signifies the “life”. Hence, if we have already taken a lot of photos having three individuals in them, we should go for the latter belief that says; we still are teemed with life.

Photography Taboos in West
As other cultures, the culture of West is not free from the photography taboos. For instance, in the cultures of the UK and the USA, the photography of kids without seeking their parent’s permission is the taboo; because it is thought of violating one’s privacy. Another taboo is the children photography without clothing; they think of it as the offense.

Photography Taboos in Muslim World
In many of the Muslim countries, the photography of the religious work of art or engraved artifact is prohibited strictly. Even in Saudi Arabia, one might get caught in prison for taking the shots of public buildings. Another taboo is the shot of individual’s bottom of the feet without any valid reasons because it is regarded as disrespectful and rude. If you are having any doubts about clicking the photos in the countries where the photography is one of the touchy subjects, then perhaps you should stay away from it.

Photography Taboos in Africa
Do not get too shocked if your subject asks for the money of token in exchange of your shot. Because, in Africa, particularly in tribal areas; there is a rule of seeking your subject’s permission prior to your capture. In the rural areas of Africa, it is advised to always ask for the owner’s permission before you are going to photograph their belongings such as the farms or the animals. Otherwise, there are chances that the owner will compensate by charging you the amount double than the actual price of the commodity itself you have taken the shots of. (Ouch)

So, it is recommended to always respect those cultural taboos you are going to photograph with the intention to avoid any inconvenient circumstances afterward. Otherwise, set your sails to plunge in the ocean of troubles. (God forbid)