Photography is both an art and the science. It is an art because like all other forms of arts, it is a way of communication and expression. All the forms of art are the natural component of us, display the emotions of the society, markers of the self-awareness, and bridge the cultural and societal gaps. Same is true for the photography. Through the medium of photography, one becomes capable of displaying his own emotions as well as the emotions of the society. In addition to that, the photography acts as the signpost of self-awareness; as one gets to know oneself as well as  the nature through capturing mesmerizing and alluring shots of nature. Photography like other arts is also found in bridging the cultural and societal gaps as it knows no boundaries and prohibitions.

Photography is the science as well. “Science is the practical and intellectual activity that encompasses the systematic and methodical study of the behaviors and structures of the natural and physical world via observation plus experiment”. So, according to the above description of science, photography meets all the components that make science a science. It is the Intellectual plus the practical activity that takes in the systematic and methodical study of behaviors as well as the structures of the natural and physical arenas. It also involves observation along with experimentation. So, it can be easily said, that the nature of the photography encompasses both the nature of arts and science.

In the present world of advancement, every area of life is getting more and more advanced. Photography is also getting sophisticated and highly developed with every passing day. Now, it becomes a thing, which breaks all the cultural taboos and helps in bringing different cultures and societies together. It only takes a camera to be a good photographer. By camera, we mean any camera (from the smart phone’s one to the DSLR). It is not necessarily important that you must have an expensive gear to take paramount photographs. The images are as good as the brain of the photographer. The most important thing to be a good photographer is to be talented and creative. You must be harboring great ideas to capture great shots.

Like all the forms of art, photography can be learned and practiced. But the difference is that all other kinds of art are learned prior to the practice and the photography can be practiced and learned at one point of the time.