When a person is trying to gain fameĀ on Instagram it is important that the pictures that the post are high quality. A viewer should be able to see the image clearly and it should not be blurry. The colors should be bright and vibrant as well. The better quality the picture is the more likes it will get.


Be sure to be patient when taking a picture. This will allow a person to keep a steady hand and find the best angle for this shot. It is also important to stay calm. Try looking at the picture from a number of different angles and find the one where it looks the best. When taking a good picture a person has to be patient and keep calm.

Natural Lighting

The key to taking a good picture is to work with the natural lighting. Even when a person uses app editing programs they cannot completely fix the poor lighting conditions. Natural light is ways the best. When taking pictures outdoors the best time for natural lighting is in the early morning, late afternoon, and days that are overcast. Facing a window will help you get better lighting and increase the number of likes on your post.

Look Before Taking

Before looking through the lens or even the screen of a phone to take a picture of something look with the eyes first. Many people do not use their eyes at all to look at their subject. They look through a lens and then snap a picture right away. Instead of taking multiple shots in order to get the best view, try looking with the eyes for a moment. Be sure to frame the shot with the eyes and then observe what is going on. This can allow a person to see the shot clearly and take a great picture.

Use the Grid Feature

Many cameras including cell phone have a grid feature. This will allow a person to align the shot and get a good view on what they are taking. If something needs to be centered they can use the gird feature to center it. The can also use this feature to find the midpoint in the shot and allow them to focus on something.

Pay Attention to Movement

When taking a picture be sure to check out the area that is surrounding the focal point. There could be some unwanted movement that can affect the quality of the pictures. For example if a person is taking a picture outside there are many animals moving around. Even the wind can affect the picture. All of this unwanted movement can distract a person from the focus of the picture. When a person is looking at the picture they will be distracted by what is going on in the background.

These are just some tips from photographers that will help allow a person to take a great picture. If a person is patient and pays attention to what is around them they can have a great photo to post on Instagram. The clearer the photo is the more likes and shares that it will get from users. Sometimes it’s easier to buy instagram likes instead of hoping your photos will earn them. By using this guide you can help your chances to have a more popular page.