With the advancement in inventions and technology, everything is being replaced by something more novel and innovative more often than not. Where every field of life is getting more and more advanced so is the arena of photography. People post photos to gain likes on Instagram, some even buy instagram likes. But now, straightforward and uncomplicated photography have become the things of the past. People like photographs, which are complicated and bizarre to understand. Following are some of the examples in which you will get to know about the trick photography plus special effects photographs.

We are going to tell you about the trick photography including bokeh, light painting, and light trails.

What Bokeh is all about?
The word “Bokeh” has its origin from the Japanese language and it means “blur”.  The bokeh looks alluring and attractive in the photographs. You must have seen the photographs having blur background or foreground. It is not about the technical failure but it is done intentionally to make the pictures more mesmerizing and appealing and is the matter of “depth of field”. The photographs having the subject separated from the background is actually the outcome of the shallow and superficial depth of field.

What Light Painting is all about?
Light drawing or light painting is the technique in photography in which the exposures are drawn by the movement of any hand-held source of light whilst capturing the long exposure shot, for either illuminating the subject of the photograph or shining the point of light in a straight light at the lens, or by stirring the camera during exposure itself. This photographic technique is employed for all purposes such as artistic, scientific, and commercial photography.

What Light Trails are all about?
Light trails are the creative and colorful effects captured by the photographers by using the shooting of long exposure on the camera. The fundamental principle on which the light trail formation lies is the manual dropping of the shutter speed of the lens to extremely low level; the light will be captured and recorded by sensors over the  synthetically long time period, with each passing  automobile having its illumination and lights recorded and tracked over the noticeable distance of the street. This makes the luminance to be appearing as the marked moving lines in the photograph, instead of the fixed luminance spots originating from the vehicle’s headlights.

Other special effects include different creative modes. By using all the modes such as the manual and auto modes, one can take the paramount photographs. All you have to do is just practicing all the modes more often than not. In this way, soon you will become a wonderful photographer who will inspire others via this creative medium of expressing one’s self. It is good to get experienced with the manual photography mode. However, there are a variety of auto modes which can be used in accordance with the specific requirement of the photograph. For instance, “Sports Mode” can be employed for capturing the fast-moving objects. You can give the different effects to your pictures such as the Infrared, Black and White, Sepia, Tranquil, and many others to make your photos more alluring than ever.