Wedding plan

Real-world Final Fantasy wedding plan bookings start in Japan, and it looks amazing 【Photos】

Perfectly recreated wedding dress, Moogle and Chocobo wedding desserts are all part of the package. The summer wedding rush is fast approaching, with engaged women across Japan eager to become June brides. And now, thanks to a very special wedding plan, they can be Final fantasy brides too Video game developer Square Enix and wedding […]

Wedding vows

10 traditional wedding vows you can use in your own ceremony

Deciding between writing your own personalized wedding vows and using pre-written traditional wedding vows can often be tricky. On the one hand, personal greetings are exceptionally intimate and meaningful to the bride, groom, and their guests present. At the same time, however, using personal greetings can be stressful and overwhelming, and some couples prefer to […]

Wedding vows

7 Ways to Include Children in Your Wedding Vows That Will Have Everyone Looking for Handkerchiefs

Weddings are wonderful places to start, but they take on added meaning when the couple have children together or have previous relationships. For them, the day is not just about becoming spouses; it’s about becoming a family. With that in mind, many couples may want to include their children in their wedding vows as part […]